• We help bartenders, waitstaff, chefs, and all other hospitality workers better themselves with training and support.

  • We offer free advice to venues to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe night out.

  • We work with pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. to improve their standards and create perfect hospitality.

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But what does The Hospitality Gin Fund mean for me?

It means that every time you enjoy a delicious drink with Hospitality Gin, the warm fuzzy feeling you get isn’t just the alcohol but knowing that you’re supporting people in their chosen career.

That's great, but what do *I* get out of it?

Better drinks, better food, and better service!

We’ll be blunt, the hospitality industry has an issue with training. Many businesses simply don’t have the time, knowledge or expertise to train their staff properly. This means that most bartenders and waitstaff, and many chefs, are either entirely self-taught, or trained by someone who is.

Ever wonder why the same drink can taste completely different from two different bars?
Or even two bartenders in the same bar?
There’s a good chance that it’s down to lack of training.

The Hospitality Gin Fund will allow us to host free-to-attend training sessions for hospitality workers, no matter where they are. Our training session are available here.

The staff are taught the skills necessary for them to make you the best food and drink, and deliver the best service possible.

Meaning that you get a better experience each and every time you visit your local pubs, bars and restaurants!

So I get a guaranteed great G&T AND better service next time I go out?

Pretty much!

If you’ve got any other questions then check out our FAQs for an answer.

Check out The G&T Guarantee

I work in hospitality, how do I access the training?

All of our upcoming and previous sessions will be listed here.

I own or manage a business, how does this work for me?

It works a little differently for you, so we’ve given you a whole
page to yourself! You can check it out here.

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