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Why should I stock Hospitality Gin?

Because we’ll help train you and your staff rather than cover your menu printing costs!

Every brand offers to cover your printing costs for you. Of course they do, it has their product on it.

Instead, each bottle of Hospitality Gin that you buy can be claimed against a training session for you, your staff, and your management.

Your team could benefit from a wide range of sessions, from basic spirits training and tasting with a WSET qualified tutor, up to long term business coaching and support provided by experienced coaches and consultants.

How does buying Hospitality Gin translate into free training and support?

It’s simple! Each 70cl bottle of Hospitality Gin that you buy generates a discount that you can claim against any of the sessions listed here.

Each bottle bought directly from us earns a £5 discount

Each bottle bought through a third party earns a £2 discount.

  • 1) Just Another Gin Speakeasy (JAGS) is small independent bar that makes £7,800pw and 69% GP.

    They sell 3 x 70cl bottles of Hospitality Gin per week.

  • 2) They buy direct from Hospitality Gin so each bottle translates to a £5 discount on a session of their choice.

    £60 every four weeks.

  • 3) 12 weeks later JAGS' GP% has slipped 3% and can’t work out why.

    They contact Hospitality Gin and are recommended a stock management training session at £350.

  • 4) JAGS give their account details and a discount of £180 is applied, taking the actual cost down to £170.

  • 5) The session consists of a review of JAGS’ stock control systems and highlights that the issue is likely caused by a combination of a new drinks offer.

  • 6) It also highlights that the GP% could be increased further with some targeted bar service training.

    They create a plan to combat both issues, and the GP% increases from 66% to 71%.

  • JAGS’ 5% overall GP% increase is an extra profit of £325 per week

  • By increasing JAGS' GP% by an further 2% from baseline, they generate extra profit of £130 per week

What sessions do you offer?

A full service list is available here


Can any business claim discounted sessions?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide discounted training or support to AWRS registered businesses. If you are an AWRS registered business and would like to discuss this policy with us then contact us on Info@HospitalityGin.co.uk

Every bar, restaurant, pub, hotel, nightclub, café, off-licence or spirit retailer should be eligible for training.

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How impartial is the training?

Our training sessions are designed to be impartial. They are there to help you, your team and your business achieve their full potential.

The busier you are, the more gin you sell, so everybody wins!